Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today was a big day. Why? (drum roll please....)

I went to a new hairstylist. HUGE, I know.

Ladies, you can relate. We all have our one thing that we will spend a stupid amount of money just so it can be perfect. Some people spend it on clothes, some spend it on shoes, some spend it on makeup, beer, food. Me, I spend it on my hair.

I've been putting off this day, dreading it, for two reasons: 1. I can no longer go to my stylist since she is now 250 miles from me. :( and 2. I have no money (Happy Early Birthday to ME!)

So I started shopping around, looking for someone's hair that I liked and then asked them where they got it done. Today I went to who I was referred to by. And she didn't disappoint. Thank God. You should have seen me before I went. Serious anxiety.

I went in with an idea, just add some lowlights. Got there, talked it out with her, and came out with something totally different- full dye, rehighlight, tone- a PROCESS. I'm such a sucker for persuasion- but I trusted her and I'm glad I did. I love how it came out and it's perfect for the season. We tried to come up with a name for it- nothin'. I'll leave you with rich, warm, chocolatey brown with a hint of caramel honey. When I look close I can see red in there too, made me a little nervous, but it works. The dark will take a little getting used to but it makes 'dem baby blues POP!

So Blonde, it was fun having you around. You'll be back again. But in the meantime, Brunette you are HOT  this season and I missed you! Let's go have some fun.

(I don't like any of these pictures- it doesn't really do justice, but you can get an idea.)


  1. thanks girlies! i'm excited about it and can't wait to work with it in different styles. FUN!