Thursday, October 6, 2011


It is so neat to see where life takes you- or takes others for that matter. It's never really where you expect it to lead you, but that is okay, because often it's some place better than you thought.

I can't say that about my life yet (and not saying it has to)- but I know it'll take me somewhere soon. For two of my friends though it is taking them somewhere so different, so exciting, so exotic, and so far from home. One is moving to Hawaii and another is moving to Australia. Gah! I'm sinning right now. I'm jealous. I'm coveting. Shame on me- but Helllooo!? That is amazing!..... for them- and me! Can we say, "next two trips"?

Both are for the short term (a year or two) so I get them back- Yay! But that means I have some pretty hefty trips I need to start planning, pronto!

Dream with me for a minute about Hawaii:

Mhmm, just what I thought.
When in Hawaii, I hope to lay on the beaches for hours, take a helicopter trip over the islands (or even just one of them, I'm okay with that too), jump into the culture to see what life is like and how people live there, go snorkeling, swim with dolphins, visit Pearl Harbor, hike the Waimea Canyon, go to and join in on a luau, and get leid (haha, kidding, for joking purposes only).

Now let's dream about Australia:

(Sydney, Opera House, of course)

(Sydney Harbour Bridge)

(Melbourne, Australia)

(Great Barrier Reef)

(Ayers Rock in Uluru)


Ah, now for Australia. This is a dream, literally.  I always wanted to go but then I saw Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure and now it is a must. Australia is huge and I know I can't see it all but there is just so much I am dying to see. While there I would of course love to go to Sydney, explore the city and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I wouldn't mind going to Melbourne either. I want to swim and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and see Ayers Rock in Uluru and then indulge my senses at Kakadu. I want to lay on the beaches and hang out with locals so I can watch them "throw some shrimp on the barby" as we wear our "sunnies". Then if there is time and money left, I would love to go visit the big island of Tasmania. I also know someone who lives in New Zealand (I'd love to take a weekend trip there, too) and another in Tasmania, so between my friend and those two locals, I think I could get a pretty good sense of the land and show me a good time.

All I gotta say is, "Start savin', Brit... otherwise you ain't goin'!".

Donations appreciated.


  1. that first Hawaii pic is the beach Brad and my apt was on when we first got married - Hawaii is other worldly!

  2. Ahhh! no way! that is AMAZING. If I actually in fact go and will be hittin' you up for some great local secrets!