Friday, October 7, 2011


Have you ever heard of this game?

I introduced it to my friend's family on our first vacation together a few years ago and they loved it! It is now a tradition.

Usually at dinner we will play "High-Low" where each person at the table has to say what their "high" of the day was and what the "low" of their day was.

First off, I love a family sitting around a table, just chatting, and spending time together as they eat and drink. This can be a great conversation starter. Also, it's just fun to get a glimpse into people's minds to see what they enjoyed most and valued about their day and then on the other hand, to see what just plain old "sucked", for lack of a better word.

"High-Low" is coming to the blog. Each Friday I will be sharing what was "that great" and "not that great" throughout the course of the week.

Now I know it's called "High-Low" but I'm going to start with "Low" first and then do "High" because I think you should always end on a high note, but still call it "High-Low"... make sense?

-last night the Yankees lost in the ALDS Game 5. goodbye to baseball season until next year.
-unable to snatch one job off the subbing website in the district i'm in. time to find a new district.
-burned my arm in the oven. ouch!
-the massive amounts of coursework needed to get done by today, 4pm.
-hearing the news that Grampa Bailey died and went home to be with the Lord (the 2nd part is a high).

-going to Game 2 at Yankee Stadium.
-getting out of making riceballs this week. in my family, this is HUGE. somehow, by the grace of God I wasn't home or was at class when they were making them. PTL.
-being offered a fresh, hot riceball as I walked through the door. YUM!
-cleaning the house, listening to "Il Volo" (thanks Aunt Mit!) very loudly. call me strange, I love it. and if it makes cleaning become a high- why not?
-decorating the house for fall and planting mums. flowers make me happy.
-solo dance parties in the car.
-catching up with two good friends on the phone.
-got all my coursework done yesterday which means I am able to start my "birthday weekend" a little bit earlier as I head up to Connecticut and Rhode Island to spend time with so many great friends.

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone!

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