Tuesday, October 11, 2011


As my 23rd birthday has come and will go, I sit and think about everything I have been blessed with already during my short time here on earth: my unconditional loving family, loyal friendships, full health, a faith with a purpose, and so much more. I begin to realize how many sacrifices and acts of kindness have been given to me and it only seems fitting that I give back, even though it may seem insignificant. After being inspired by another blogger who has done this before, I have decided to take the rest of the course of "birthday month" to do just that. I will perform 23 random acts of kindness to celebrate my birthday this year.

I hope to spread some compassion and warmheartedness to ones close to me and to total strangers and hopefully impact their life in a positive way for just a moment.

Have you ever done any random acts of kindness? What are some of the things you have done?
I hope to try to be original as I do this so any fun ideas are always welcome! :)


  1. i LOVE this idea. you are so inspiring! giving on your birthday, when its typically a day to receive. LOVE YOU!

     write up your ali haha

  2. Happy Birthday!! I'm a new follower and loving your blog! Can't wait to read more :)

  3. Thank you Karen!! and I am so glad you are enjoying it! I just took a quick glimpse of yours and I can already tell you I think you're getting a new follow...:)