Friday, October 28, 2011


-last night. 
Holy Moly was I tired both physically and emotionally along with a nice little headache going on. 
-some one hit my car today. scratched and dented one of the door panels. no bueno. good thing i don't have a really nice car.
-seeing snow. its October for goodness sake!

-having the pleasure of meeting this little boy with autism. he just melts my heart! and I get to work with him everyday :)
-working with kids. the innocent things they say just crack me up and their belly giggles... i die!
-excedrin. does the body well for headache relief. thank you inventor of excedrin. i owe you- big time!
-good bonding and cooking time with friends and family.
-talking to friends who listen, support, and encourage.
-phone call for another interview for a dream position.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm going to check out just a few jackolanterns. 4000 to be exact! Scratch that. It's sold out this weekend. Add that to "LOW" :(

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