Saturday, October 1, 2011


I love the month of October- by far my favorite month of the year. I don't know if it is because it is my birthday or I actually just love the month. I think it's the latter but having my birthday in it just makes it that much better!

A few reasons why I love October:

- Doesn't it just sound cool? No, that's just me? That's what I thought.

- My birthday and the fact that I share it with one of my best friends (if it were any other person I would hate it- but with her, I LOVE it!)

- And another one of my good friends is exactly a week before while another is the day before and my brother's four days later, and countless others. Let me tell you, good people are born in this month. Parents were all doing something right nine months before.

- Pumpkins. Pumpkins. Pumpkins. I love all things pumpkin. If it has anything pumpkin in it I will love it, seriously.  pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin carrot cake (my birthday cake this year, YUM, can't wait), pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin scones...oh, and how could I forget, pumpkin ice cream- just to name a few.

- Apples, and everything that goes along with them- including mulled apple cider.

- the candle scents for the fall season are the best..."Pumpkin Spice", "Mulled Cider"... come onnnn!
- Crisp air, especially in the morning. Nothing beats that crisp fall air.
- Perfect weather for a cracked open window at night as you cuddle under your down. Best.
- Autumn walks to enjoy the weather and all that is around you. So beautiful.
- Foliage turning. How beautiful is God's creation especially with the vibrant colors of fall? Ah, love it.

- Sweatshirts. Break out those cozy sweatshirts that you know you missed the past 6 months. I think if I had to choose an article of clothing I had to live in, it would be a sweatshirt.
- It is the month that precedes and anticipates my two favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This excites me.

Happy October, everyone! 
go live it and enjoy it!

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