Monday, October 24, 2011


Alright folks. Here is a 2nd grade grammar lesson.
I think being a teacher brings this out in me the most, but when I see words used the wrong way or spelled incorrectly, it drives me up a wall!

So, my gift to you...GRAMMAR. Use her- she's easy! :)

Real quick. Here we go!

than vs. then
than: used to compare two things. example: This place is better than I expected. OR Nine is greater than seven.
then: used for sequence of events. example: We went to dinner and then we went to the movies.

your vs. you're
your: to show ownership. example: Is that your hat? OR Your eyes are beautiful.
you're: contraction for "you are". example: You're the best! OR He said you're the winner.

there vs. they're vs. their
there: to show existence or location. example: There is money on the table. OR The car is over there.
they're: contraction for "they are". example: They're a crazy group of kids.
their: to show ownership. example: Their house is huge. OR Monkeys can pick up bananas with their toes.

One other thing, when you write, don't get lazy. Just spell the word because writing "dat" instead of "that" is really just saving you one letter. You couldn't just write ONE more letter?

Speaking of being a teacher and school...quick student quote from today:

(going over some vocabulary words)
student: waist
teacher: What does "waist" mean?
student: to waste food?
teacher: No, that's waste, spelled w-a-s-t-e. This is w-a-i-s-t.
student: Oh, I know- like "you're wasted!"... when you drink too much beer!

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  1. you are great. this is awesome! sucha good teacha :)