Monday, October 17, 2011


Everyone is always looking for a new perfume, especially with the start of a new season. You may not need it but you just want something new and different. You want options. (That's me anyway). I seem to be building a collection because I can never seem to finish the bottle- that's why I usually opt for the smaller bottle- because knowing me, i'll probably long for something new and different before I can finish that big one.

Let's get to it. Here's what I've been loving...

Kate Spade: Twirl
This is the newest addition to my collection, thank you to Ali. This fragrance is just fabulous. I'm obsessed. It may be a tad more on the summery-side but its great for both day and night.

Sparkling. Joyful. Fruity-Floral

Juicy Couture: Couture Couture
This guy is tricky. I had a love-hate relationship at first, but now it's just a love relationship. This perfume has a stronger, bolder scent that mixes fruits and vanilla. It's definitely a girl scent and when you wear it, people will know you're in the room- so go easy on loading this puppy on.

Sweet. Girly. Flirty. Fruity

Bvlgari: Blv

Every time I see this or smell this, it puts a smile on my face, literally (it just happened). It's so soft and fresh smelling. Putting a splash on in the morning puts that extra pep in your step. If you're like me who doesn't like an overpowering scent, but a little something- this is the one.

Fresh. Classy. Beautiful. Clean

 Chanel: Chance

Chanel has nailed it. They got it all. This fragrance mixes florals and spices and spikes the senses for, how Chanel describes it, sweet but dangerous. Its a must have in the collection.

Sweet. Sexy. Sensual

Gucci: Guilty
Just listen to the name...."Gucci Guilty". It makes you say "Ooooo" right after it. Did it not?
Try it on. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose?
I personally don't have this one (yet) but it's one that I tried at the store, didn't get, but have been thinking about it since.

Daring. Rich. Sexy

Ralph Lauren: Romance

We all know this one. He's been around for a while. But he is a classic. And if you don't know what smell you're going for, this is always a safe go-to.

Timeless. Lovely. Floral-Musk

Check out Lauren Conrad's seasonal scent picks.... I haven't had a chance to smell any of her picks yet, but you better bet your bottom dollar that I'll be checking them out next time I'm in a Macy's or Sephora.

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