Friday, November 11, 2011


Sorry I have been MIA all week. CRAZY busy week that incorporated me falling asleep as soon as I got home every night. Yikes!

-job rejection letter. 
I've come to terms with it and thankful that I still have a current job anyway. It happens to all of us and I'm looking at it as good practice for the job I am supposed to have.
-headaches that don't go away.
-the feeling of being overwhelmed by the 4 projects due next week that I haven't done much about yet. 
it's going to be a another busy week.

-major healing for my dad. and I mean healing that the doctor can't even explain! amen.
-NJ teachers' convention= 4 day weekend for me or 3 day work week. 
either way you look at it, that's great!
-two white girls (one being me) going into a nj nightclub on "latin saturday" unknowingly for a mere 20 minutes before we were out of there. so shocking and uncomfortable but so much fun. love spontaneity! maybe we'll try again on a "not so latin saturday", perhaps a friday. 
-beautiful november weather in the 70's. unheard of.
blizzard in october, 70's in november...who knew!

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