Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Super Cuz!

Today marks the day of one of my friendships. It's been twenty-something years. It's really a forced friendship because we're cousins, so we have to be friends, right? (sidenote: why "Super Cuz"? She's that cousin that you go to a family reunion and see people, who are apparently your cousins, but you've never seen them before, and next thing you know she's giving them a hug and a kiss and you're like "Who the heck is that?" and she's like "Oh, that's our cousin             , Aunt              's son." And you're left there saying, "I don't even know who Aunt               is." This happens all the time with her, hence, she's "Super Cuz") I think we'd still be friends anyway. How could you not be friends with someone you grew up with, laughed with, cried with, fought with flip flops with and bruised heavily with (you won that one, Linds), sang karaoke with, shared clothes with, watched trains with, went to rodeos with, went to Yankee games with, played dress-up with, and built massive forts with all of Mom's sheets and blankets with?

Now I tried to get tech and artsy savvy where I could add cool text and images on top of images with but that didn't work out- so you'll have to add your own. I was thinking of adding a party hat, maybe some balloons, an arrow pointing down and saying "this girl", etc.

So here's what I'm leaving you with, and now (insert imagination here).

She's the cute one, in the sweet denim cut overalls.

Happy Birthday, Linds!
I love you.

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