Friday, October 14, 2011


- the amount of stress that came with this week's coursework
-being stuck in traffic for an extra 2+ hours 
-pants feeling a little tighter 
(i think it's from too much birthday bingeing. oh well, it comes around once a year)
-this sore throat and stuffy nose that i feel i'm getting
-saying "see ya later" to my bests 'til I don't know when next

-weekend full of real friends, real conversation, and real laughs
-enjoying the foliage on long drives
- that glass of pumpkin ale
-birthday home with an amazing family
-the numerous feelings of love throughout this week
- the taste of my carrot cake birthday cake in my mouth. indescribably (<-word?) good.
-sister and nephew coming. yay! missed them!
-seeing the expressions on people's faces when you blindside them with a "random act of kindness"
-feeling and seeing the power of faith and prayer
-can I say this? ...job!

(my amazing birthday cake. recipe to come!)

Happy Friday!

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