Friday, October 21, 2011


-the stress of having to get all of my coursework done this week. This consumed my week and I've had just about enough of it.
-the 12 hours of class I am sitting in within 2.5 days
-getting a Mantoux test. I don't care how old I am, I am not a fan of needles ever since donating blood and passing out twice. meh.

-Bennett kisses.
-Max Brenner's (check out my previous post about it here)
-celebrating Brandon and his birthday!
-beating my opponent (I won't mention any names...Brandon) in fantasy football, especially after wayyy too much smack talk was done. The undefeated streak continues! can't stop. won't stop.
-finding CC Sabathia's and P. Diddy's house, eh, I mean estate, in my new job community. Chris Rock and Lil' Kim's are next.
-printing that 12-page sucker off. only took me a few days after numerous 1 hour "breaks", and repeated checks on facebook, twitter, and pinterest. oh, procrastination.
-afternoon jog on a perfect fall day around beautiful reflective lakes
-boatride down the Hudson with family and friends
-juicy hickory cheeseburger from  a new place we tried, Billy Joe's. Let me tell you, this burger was da bomb!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Do you have any plans? 10 bucks they're better than mine! I'll be in class. womp womp.

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