Monday, October 31, 2011


So first off let me remind you of the date. Today is October 31, 2011.

Yea, yea, yea, it's Halloween. But something better (debatable) happened just a few short 24-36 hours ago. Yup, we got ROCKED by a nor'easter in the middle of fall. I thought I went to bed, slept for 2 months, and woke up on Christmas morning.

With a forecast of 5-8 inches, the weathermen were wrong again. Surprise surprise. No, we didn't get a dusting or about 3 inches...we didn't get 9 inches or a foot of snow. We got 16 inches, people! Are you kidding me?

This storm knocked us out and knocked many people's electricity out too. And some still have no electricity or heat (hence, no work today!). I couldn't imagine. Thankfully our electrical lines are underground so we never lost it, but we did lose this...

our poor tree.
He's not salvageable. That guy is gonna have to go completely. Sad.

That is really nothing compared to what you see when you drive around. Tree branches everywhere, uprooted trees, trees split in half at the trunk, limbs hanging along with telephone wires snapped, hanging, and lying on the ground. Crazy storm.

Anyways, grab some blankets, hot chocolate, and keep warm everyone! It's going to be a longggg winter.

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