Tuesday, November 1, 2011


1. Trick-or-Treaters are really dropping the ball these days. If they are going to go, they at least need to put some effort in. Walking up to a door in your school clothes and a pillowcase, without saying a word when the door is answered, doesn't cut it. There needs to be a policy: No Costume. No Candy. And second, is it that much of a bother to say three words at the door- "Trick or Treat"? Laziness. They come expecting- news flash kids: in my type of America, you need to work for it. Nothing is free. And in this case, your work is putting on a costume and saying "Trick-or-Treat". Not a bad deal for free candy, if you ask me.
...minus the "eaten" part. Awkward.

Here's my little nephew yesterday. Take notes, kids.


2. It's November already? Weird. Where did the past 10 months go? This marks Thanksgiving month and the start of the holiday season. My favorite! However, it also marks "No Shave November" for all the college boys (and even some post college boys, sadly). What's the point? Ain't gettin' girls that way- I'll tell you that much!

I'm not even going to try to find a picture and then make you look at it (thank me later)...this particularly cracks me up though:

3. It's all over the news- you know about it. Kardashian-Humphries divorce after a mere 72 days. So unfortunate. Does Hollywood understand the meaning of marriage, the covenant made with one another and God? Apparently not. I feel bad for Kris, but who called it though?

Leave it to Twitter to get something trending. Here are a few "Things Longer Than Kim's Marriage":
  • From @Seth_Rogen: "Kim Kardashian's singing career.'"
  • From @lizzwinstead: "The flavor in a stick of Fruit Stripe Gum."
  • From @PBSGwen: "Herman Cain at #1 in the polls."
  • From @TobeyMonster: "[Lady] Gaga's real name."
  • From @ChristyAnderson: "However long it took to find Nemo."
  • From @AshJed: "Dora the Explorer's pause, when she is waiting for you to answer her question."
  • From @A_MgDee: "The hashtag #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage."
  • And of course, from @SoVeryAwkward: "That awkward moment when the list of#ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage is longer than Kim's marriage."

4. I'm on day 2 of no school because the school and surrounding towns that I work in are still without power from Saturday's storm. Some people are on day 4 of no power, heat, or electricity. Feeling thankful we didn't lose any. I have a feeling it will be back to work tomorrow. I won't complain about the 4 day weekend though!

Oh, and one other thing I forgot,
5. CC Sabathia...trying to opt out of his contract for a little (and I use that word lightly) more money. In the end he decided to stay with the Yankees (we are so glad to keep you, by the way!) but for 30 million dollars more. I would've been happy with just one million, but that's just me though. Great business move by you, CC, but let's be frank- that was a little selfish.