Monday, August 22, 2011

sleep talking.

I haven't been feeling that well today so I laid down to take a nap with the windows open on this beautiful day.

About an hour and a half later, I wake up to someone yelling "Britany?" from outside as if they are looking for me. Waking up from my slumber, I start getting all confused, as I feel most people do when they are rudely woken up...Are they calling me? Why is someone yelling? What? Who is that?

It sounds like my mom.

I wait till she yells again to respond because I'm not sure if it's actually her and I know that if I don't respond the first time, she will call for me again, and louder.

She did..."Britany?"

So naturally, I yell back, "What?"

She responds immediately, "Where are you?!"

Then I think, she knows I'm upstairs and laying down....Why is she yelling for me?

Then it hit me.

That wasn't my mom. That was one of my neighbors, calling for their daughter, Brittany.

I started laughing and felt stupid all at the same time. Kind of when you see someone waving, and you wave back, but they were really waving to the person behind you....

Happy Monday!

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  1. bahaha I love this! you are too funny Bwitty